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At this level, we are selective about curriculum in all subjects with the explicit objective in mind that quality rather than quantity is the basis of meaningful learning at this stage. Children are trained to assimilate and internalize knowledge and perceive its relevance in real life situations.

We aim at making a smooth transition from acquisition of basic skills at the preschool level to the achievement of formal learning objectives universally represented by the quartet of knowledge, skills, understanding and application in the process of administering specific inputs/outputs by way of syllabi and curricula.

‘Hands on’ approach to learning still continues to play a significant role in our system of education at the primary level. However, the emphasis now shifts from general to essential areas such as language(s), mathematical ability, general awareness, health and hygiene.


  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Environmental Science

  • Hindi / French

  • Arabic

  • Moral Science / Islamic Studies

  • Craft

  •  Drawing

  • Kuwait Social Studies

  • Information Technology ( Grade 5)


The child’s learning is assessed through various unit tests and examinations and their achievement recorded in the form of raw scores and/or grades.


Parents get updated information about their child’s performance through frequent interaction with the school and the teaching staff


 Due weightage is given to all of the unit tests, examinations and attendance at the time of the student’s promotion to the next grade.

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