Code Of Discipline

IPS has a strict code of discipline, which is summed up as follows

Uniform and general appearance
Students are required to wear neat and clean prescribed school uniform everyday to school. A student not in proper school uniform will not be allowed to attend school and will be sent home with information to the parent.

The hemline of girl?s pinafores should not be above the knee level.
Boys are not allowed to sport long hair or any other abnormal hairstyle such as step-out, mushroom, military or punk. Coloring and using gel for hair is strictly forbidden for both boys and girls .no elaborate coiffeur/ hairdo is permitted in the case of girl students.

Any student not conforming to these norms will be issued a strict warning for the first time . Repetition of the same will lead the suspension of the student concerned for a period of time determined by the school discipline committee.

Wearing t-shirts, hats, sweatbands, sunglasses, and ornaments of any type to the school is strictly forbidden. Only approved sports gear required to be worn during sports related activity in the school is allowed.

Pans/trousers should be formal and simple in design. It should not have any additional fittings like extra pockets, extra zips etc.

Punctuality and Regularity
It is mandatory for all students to reach the school n time. Latecomers with valid reasons and accompanied by parent will be accommodated up to the first period only.

Absence for a day on valid grounds, supported by an application from the parent the next day, will be acceptable. However prior intimation from the parent, in writing, is mandatory for leave of absence exceeding one day .

Truancy from school is a grave offence and can result in a student?s suspension or expulsion from school.

A student will be allowed to leave school before closing time only for valid reasons in company with only father, mother or a recognized guardian.

Behaviour and Conduct
Students of Indian public school are expected to gentle, polite and well-mannered. Their conduct in public reflects the quality of education they receive in the school.

Misbehavior by any student within the school premises or in the school bus with the teachers, fellow students, and other school staff or with strangers while traveling by school bus will be viewed extremely seriously and will result in his/her suspension in the school.

Use of foul abusive language, disobedience toward teachers and other staff of the school, bullying, hooliganism, disturbing class/school activity intentionally or any other act amounting to violation of good conduct and bringing disrepute to the school will be treated as misbehavior.
Fighting with fellow students on school premises or in the bus will lead to immediate suspension from the school, and/or withdrawal of bus facilities.

Forming gangs in the school, inciting and provoking other students to indulge in any type of indiscipline and showing disrespect towards female students of the school will be punished with prompt suspension, and even rustication form the school.

Possession and use of mood changing substances like drugs and alcohol, on school campus will lead to immediate expulsion of a student from a school. A student found smoking on school campus or possessing tobacco, cigarettes, lighter/matchbox or any similar item or substance will be suspended from school.

Prohibited Materials
Bringing radios, portable audio/video playing devices, mobile phones, pagers, calculators, laptop/ mini computers, cameras, weapons, any other gadgetry and objectionable literature to the school is strictly prohibited. All such materials found in the possession of a student will be promptly confiscated. Possession of weapons of any type by a student will lead to the involvement of Kuwait authorities in such a case.

Dishonest and Undesirable Practices

Cheating in a test/ examination or using other person?s work as his/ her own will lead to zero award in that test/ examination/ Assignment.

Changing marks, grades or any other awards given on notebooks, answer scripts and report cards an forging parent?s signatures in the school diary or report card will result in the imposition of serious penalty/ action against a student indulging in such practices.

Stealing is considered to be an extremely serious offence and may lead to grave consequences including legal action.

Any act of vandalism leading to damage/ disfigurement of school property /equipment will result in suspension from the school and recovery of the cost of property/ equipment damaged or disfigured by a student.

Any breach of Code of Discipline in the school will be promptly communicated to the parents of the student concerned.

  1. In all cases, parents will be informed and the School will keep record.
  2. In all cases, the decision of the School will be final and binding.
  3. In some cases, students may be advised to meet a counselor.
  4. If the parents do not turn up either for conference or any other discussion, in spite of repeated reminders, the decision taken by the school should be final and binding.